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Shocking Health Facts

Posted by naturalhealthmd on March 26, 2007

I ran across some very interesting health facts through a couple of websites and I thought I’d post a list of about 7 or so health facts that may come as a shock to some of us. If you have any additional facts, please comment.

-$4.2 billion on consumer advertising and $7.2 billion promoting drugs to doctors were spent in 1 year.

– 90% of Americans are considered to be low in Vitamin D

-Antidepressant drugs boost diabetes risk by 200% – 300%.

-ACE inhibitors (blood pressure drugs) cause a 270% increase in birth defects when taken by expectant mothers.

-Smoking tobacco is known to produce cancer in the pancreas, kidney, bladder, and the cervix.

-2/3 of Americans are overweight

– About 85% of diseases are caused by stress


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Coke, Pepsi to push marketing of “healthy” carbonated beverages

Posted by naturalhealthmd on March 25, 2007

In an effort to make up for slumping sales of both sugared and diet soda, both Coca-Cola Co. and PepsiCo will soon be introducing carbonated drinks fortified with vitamins and minerals. Diet Coke Plus and Pepsi’s Tava will be marketed as “sparkling beverages.” There is considerable skepticism in the health community about these beverages.
(source: newstarget)


We will begin to see this type of thing take place in several soft drink outlets. Pepsi and Coca Cola will begin this push.

You must understand that just because they place synthetic vitamins inside a drink, doesnt make the drink healthier. Please see my article “Choosing The Right Natural Supplement” to find out more information about choosing natural health products that will help your body.

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Stuy Proves That Drug Companies Can Make Natural Products Into Drugs

Posted by naturalhealthmd on March 22, 2007

LA JOLLA, Calif., March 21 (UPI) — U.S. scientists have developed new techniques to reduce the time, complexity and cost of synthesizing natural products having pharmaceutical potential.

The scientists at The Scripps Research Institute said their work dislodges previously entrenched beliefs in the organic chemistry field about how such products must be produced. They said their findings might advance and expand the use of natural products in drug discovery programs.

“There is this far-ranging and damaging perception that natural products are too complex to be used in a drug discovery setting despite their overwhelming track record in medicine,” said project leader Phil Baran, a SRI chemist. “I think if our work has helped in even a small way to revive the use of natural products, then we’ve served our purpose.”

The research by Baran and graduate students Thomas Maimone and Jeremy Richter appears in the journal Nature.


My Comment:

This is a little on the dangerous side We all know that the studies that “so called” said vitamins were deadly when taking them as a supplement, were using synthetic ( man made) vitamins. Indeed, taking synthetic natural products is not a good thing for a few reasons. Now, this new study is letting everyone know that everything will be ok….and in the future it might be easy to make synthetic natural products easier.

It is best to take natural products in their natural state; one of the main reasons is because in any natural product ( created by God), there are thousands and thousands of substances that are in them that we as humans have yet to find. These thousands of compounds might be needed to fully allow the natural product to work to its full potential. Anytime we create a natural product, these thousands of substances are left out.

THEME: Continue to take natural products in their natural state. This will allow for the best use of the product.

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Gastrointestinal Problems Can Lead To Depression

Posted by naturalhealthmd on March 21, 2007

In a 2006 Boston University study from over 100,000 IBS ( Irratable Bowel Sydrome) patients, showed that people with IBS are 40% more likely to experience and get depression.  This can be also shown by the fact that woman are twice as likely to get depression and over twice as likely to get IBS as males. Not only is this, but over 60% of the body’s serotonin, which is the feel good part, inside the colon.  Many of you all may know that the “gut” is also considered the second brain. There are several neurotransmitters in the gut, the second most. This goes to show us that when our gut and colon are in good shape, the rest of our bodies will feel good.  

To combat IBS, one first and foremost needs to get the optimal amount of fiber/ day. This could be about 30 grams of fiber per day. I recommend about 40 grams per day for people that suffer from a gastrointestinal problem.   If anyone has suffered from IBS and Depression or knows of any solutions, please comment and let us know. If not, in about a week, I will have several natural solutions for IBS.  According to HIS institute of magazine, a product called Gasterol from The Natural Barn ( plays a major role in improving gastrointestinal problems).

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Coconut Oil: The Amazing Health Benefits

Posted by naturalhealthmd on March 20, 2007

Below is an exert took from about coconut oil. I truly believe coconut oil is one of the best kinds of oils to use and has some of the best health benefits. This article as released today and I find that it points out some great information that we all could use.


Filipinos call coconut trees the “tree of life” for all the products derived from its leaves, husks, meat and milk. In America, the coconut tree has made new believers because of one product: coconut oil.

Converts to coconut oil are zealous in their claims. They say it aids in weight loss, can reduce the risk of heart disease and increases HDL, or “good” cholesterol levels. It is also said to improve digestion, reduce acid reflux and lessen symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Some take it to improve their skin tone and prevent wrinkles. Some even treat herpes and cancer with coconut oil.
Ernie Rudloff of Woodbury credits coconut oil with boosting his energy. He started taking the supplement in the fall after reading Kevin Trudeau’s bestselling book, “Natural Cures ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know About.” In it, the author touts the curative powers of all-natural substances, saying drug companies suppress this information to increase sales of pharmaceuticals.

Claims by Trudeau, who has no medical training, have drawn fire from both the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and Food and Drug Administration. Nonetheless, Trudeau’s book has sold millions of copies both in stores and via TV infomercials.

“I find a lot of Trudeau’s logic to be true,” Rudloff says. “The natural approach is something we should look at more. Everything seems to be drug, drug, drug. We go to the doctor or to the pharmacy, and we want a pill for everything.”

Rudloff, 63, helps about 120 youths – ages 16 to 21 – get their GED certificates at the Nassau County Correctional Center. He also officiates basketball games on the side, so he faces both emotional and physical challenges. Rudloff was taking about one tablespoon of coconut oil twice a day when he noticed the effect: “I felt energized.”

He says he doesn’t have an opinion about coconut oil’s wide-ranging claims because he’s basically in good health – weight in the 170s and total cholesterol about 200. He was treated for prostate cancer two years ago and now takes Flomax to reduce the urgency to urinate but says he is otherwise healthy. Rudloff sees himself as health-conscious, and as he heads toward his mid- and late-60s, he’s open to natural remedies.

“Natural cures are safer,” he says. “They come from the earth. They don’t have all the side effects of all these chemicals people take.”

Still, doctors and other health-care providers urge caution, because natural supplements don’t face the same rigorous approval process that’s imposed on pharmaceutical companies. In general, the medical community doesn’t consider coconut oil a heart-healthy food because it’s very high in saturated fat, which has been linked to high cholesterol and heart disease.

Dr. Walter C. Willett, a professor of epidemiology and nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health, offered insights on coconut oil last year in the Harvard Health Letter: A 2-ounce piece of fresh coconut contains more than 13 grams of saturated fat – nearly two-thirds of the recommended daily limit for the average person. Ounce for ounce, coconut oil delivers more saturated fat than butter, lard or margarine. Feeding studies in humans, monkeys and rabbits show that coconut oil substantially elevates LDL (bad) cholesterol.

In an e-mail interview, Willett agrees that the oil has a powerful effect in boosting HDL (good) cholesterol. But overall, Willett says, “I think it is OK to use it when the flavor is desired or when a little hard fat is needed, but I would not recommend it as a primary form of fat unless we have further research regarding its effect on heart disease.”

A unique kind of fat

Bruce Fife, a naturopath – a practitioner who treats patients with herbs, vitamins and other natural remedies – a nutritionist and the author of “The Coconut Oil Miracle,” opposes the detractors, arguing that the saturated fat found in plant foods is different than that found in animal products.

“Coconut oil is unique because it’s composed predominantly of medium-chain fatty acids,” Fife says, adding that most fats in the American diet are composed of long-chain fatty acids. He says the shorter chain makes coconut oil easier to digest, and it’s processed like a carbohydrate and not stored in the body as fat.

Fife tries to eat about three tablespoons of coconut oil a day. He encourages people to use it in cooking – in hot cereal, casseroles and soups. When Fife feels like he hasn’t had enough, he’ll take a spoonful right out of the jar and let it melt under his tongue. “A good coconut oil actually has a pleasant taste,” he says.

Fife has never had his cholesterol tested, so he can’t say what effect the oil has had on his blood levels. The main benefit he cites is on his immune system. “I believe it has made me healthier and more resistant to illnesses. I haven’t had an illness for years and years and years,” he says.

Since “The Coconut Oil Miracle” was published in 2000, Fife has written five other books on the subject, and he frequently speaks to audiences around the world on the topic. He believes his life’s work has helped build a market for the product.

KEY NOTE: Saturated Fat is not the danger…trans fat is the danger.

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Fasting: Everything You Need To Know

Posted by naturalhealthmd on March 19, 2007

One of the oldest methods of alternative medicine to date is the act of fasting. Fasting is the intentionally avoidance of food for a certain length of time, and I’m not talking about avoiding food from one meal to the next. Many religions include fasting as a part way to improve health both physically and spiritually. I can personally say, this does hold true.

Many of our body’s organs are never able to take a rest by simply sleeping each night. Our stomach, liver, and intestines are some to name a few. When we enter a fast, these parts of our bodies get a rest and are able to rejuvenate themselves to improve their overall healthy state.
Below are some fasting benefits

-Stop toxins from entering the body
– Allow toxins to be removed
– Rest and health our internal organs
– Immune system is able to rejuvenate and improve
-Burn much of our bodies stored sugar ( first day)
– Overall improved HealthAs noted above, it is very important to place a fast in our lives. But how long should we fast?


Here is a simple note: the healthier one is the longer they can fast. Fasting as much as 1 time per week to the more feasible 2 days per season cycle and everything in between is all recommended. It truly depends upon the fasting.

The most popular fast is the water fast. This is where one consumes only water during the fast. It is recommended that one consume around 100 ounces of water during this one day fast.

Other fasts include:
Juice Fast ( consume only juice from vegetables, and fruit.)


It is recommended to gradually stop food intake and not try it cold turkey. This is especially true if one has never fasted before as our bodies may go through a shock. Try easily digested foods ( i.e soup, fruit, veggies, tea) the day before the fast. 

To end the fast, do just the opposite. The first day back from the fast, consume the light foods first and then move to the regular foods.


I would recommend a spring fast with just water. This will allow your body to remove the toxins that we have all gained from the winter times. As we all know the winter can be a very sick time for many of us.

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United States Health Care: A Grand Hoax

Posted by naturalhealthmd on March 19, 2007

A recent book I’ve completed “Money Driven Medicine” is one that I suggest to anyone wantng to know the truth about the health care of the United States, compared to the rest of the world. In short, the United States Health Care spends nearly twice as much money as does most other parts of the world, and yet we are the most unhealthy. Does this not tell us something? Maybe our so called ” Health Care” is more about generating the big dollar and not concerned with our health.

Here are some other facts about the health care of the united states:

– Patients in the US spend four times as much at hospitals
– US population pays up to 65% more for their medication

There is serious problem in our US healthcare. Let me ask this quetion: What do you all think we can do about it? Is it to late?

**Key Fact: It’s estimated that by 2020, 25% of our total money spent in the United States will be on health care. **

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Vitamin D: What You Need To Know

Posted by naturalhealthmd on March 18, 2007

It is said that 90% of Americans are lacking Vitamin D and are considering to be running at low levels of Vitamin D on a daily basis. However, in order to understand that this is a problem that all of America faces, we need o see what Vitamin D actually does for the body. Here are a few facts about Vitamin D.

-Essential for the endocrine system. Helps with adrenal hormones,  cell growth and enzyme support.
-A KEY Cancer Fighter ( More research suggests its one of the greatest cancer fighters)
-Low levels are associated with osteoporosis, bone diseases, rickets, muscle pain and weakness, diabetes type 1, heart disease, arthritis, cancer and many more

Here is a concern that I have. Conventional medicine is so highly keyed to getting cholesterol levels checked and other tests  that they consider to be important, however, there is rarley ever spoke of a Vitamin D testing.  If 90% of Americans are considered to have low levels of Vitamin D, it seems that there would be a greater amount of testing for it.

This falls once again to the natural V.S synthetic. Drug companies can not patent Vitamin D, as it’s a naturally occuring substance. After  all, 90% of americans do not suffer from high cholesterol.

What are good levels of Vitamin D? It is suggested that getting a serum level testing is very important. This will allow each of us to know if we are indeed at low levels and not just going by our daily intake. According to Joseph Mercola, one of the most intelligent in the natural health industry, a serum level of 45-50 ng/mL.

Where can we obtain Vitamin D? The most abundant and easiest method is actually free of charge; natural sunlight. When the UV radiation from the sunlight hits the skin, this converts into Vitamin D in the body.

Vitamin D supplementation:

– 15-30 minutes of sun exposure with face and arms revealed. However the more body revealed, the better
-Cod Liver Oil
– Salmon
-milk now contains it
-fish oil with vitamin D.

My Suggestion: Get the sunlight ( if possible) during the summer, and when winter comes, take cod liver oil.

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News Alert: FDA blasted by top lawmakers over drug saftey

Posted by naturalhealthmd on March 16, 2007

Top U.S. lawmakers at a recent hearing criticized the FDA for drug safety problems. The hearing focused on the FDA’s handling of a Sanofi-Aventis antibiotic, called Ketek, and several prescription anti-depressants. Problems with these drugs, and also Merck’s now-withdrawn Vioxx, were cited.

The hearing included accusations that the FDA stifled scientific dissent regarding the safety of these drugs. Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., the chairman of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations for the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, questioned whether the FDA is working for the American people.

On Monday, the FDA withdrew its approval for two of the three uses for Ketek – treatment of sinusitis and bronchitis – after reports of severe liver damage among patients started to surface last year. It still is approved for pneumonia. Ketek was approved by the FDA in April 2004.
( Source: newstarget)


My Comment:

My grandmother passed away from the side effects of Vioxx. She started taking the medication and soon after, her kidneys began to fail, and Dialysis soon followed. Her medical doctor ( M.D) admitted that Vioxx was a bad choice and stated the cause of her death was rooted with taking it.

The FDA was designed for a great purpose and a great cause, however,  they have became more involved with supporting the drug companies and not the American people. This article reminds us that we should take what the FDA and drug companies with caution.

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Milk Thistle: The Liver Miracle

Posted by naturalhealthmd on March 16, 2007

Starting today, Natural Health M.D is going to cover different herbs that are considered to be vital to everyday life.

The liver is a part of the body to which everyone takes for granted. The liver has more functions than most parts of the human body. If the liver is ever in bad health, our entire body will suffer. Some of the functions of the liver include:

-create glucose
– breakdown glucose
-breakdown alcohol
-breakdown toxic substances including certain drugs
-breakdown insulin and other hormones
-protein metabolism

Simply put: if the liver function decreases, our entire body will begin to suffer. One of the biggest concerns that we should have is to make certain that our liver is in the best condition possible.

Milk Thistle, an herb from Europe and Africa, produces the best results with improving liver function and health condition as a whole. Milk Thistle allows the liver cells to reproduce and also detoxifies the liver. In common terms, the liver filters the body and milk thistle filters the liver.

If you are one that consumes alcohol, the benefits of milk thistle should be highly noted. More than 2-3 drinks per day of alcohol damages the liver and can cause liver disease later in life. Milk Thistle should be a part of anyones alternative medicine choices if alcohol is consumed.

The greatest thing about milk thistle: there are no side effects. However, if someone is an HIV patient, they should avoid milk thistle. This is because of the protease inhibitors that are taken as medication with HIV/AIDS patients. Silymarin, the main chemical in milk thistle reduces the drug effects of the protease inhibitors.

Any thoughts can be added to milk thistle; including personal testimonies.

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