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  • March 2007
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Stuy Proves That Drug Companies Can Make Natural Products Into Drugs

Posted by naturalhealthmd on March 22, 2007

LA JOLLA, Calif., March 21 (UPI) — U.S. scientists have developed new techniques to reduce the time, complexity and cost of synthesizing natural products having pharmaceutical potential.

The scientists at The Scripps Research Institute said their work dislodges previously entrenched beliefs in the organic chemistry field about how such products must be produced. They said their findings might advance and expand the use of natural products in drug discovery programs.

“There is this far-ranging and damaging perception that natural products are too complex to be used in a drug discovery setting despite their overwhelming track record in medicine,” said project leader Phil Baran, a SRI chemist. “I think if our work has helped in even a small way to revive the use of natural products, then we’ve served our purpose.”

The research by Baran and graduate students Thomas Maimone and Jeremy Richter appears in the journal Nature.


My Comment:

This is a little on the dangerous side We all know that the studies that “so called” said vitamins were deadly when taking them as a supplement, were using synthetic ( man made) vitamins. Indeed, taking synthetic natural products is not a good thing for a few reasons. Now, this new study is letting everyone know that everything will be ok….and in the future it might be easy to make synthetic natural products easier.

It is best to take natural products in their natural state; one of the main reasons is because in any natural product ( created by God), there are thousands and thousands of substances that are in them that we as humans have yet to find. These thousands of compounds might be needed to fully allow the natural product to work to its full potential. Anytime we create a natural product, these thousands of substances are left out.

THEME: Continue to take natural products in their natural state. This will allow for the best use of the product.

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