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How To Treat High Blood Pressure Without Drugs

Posted by naturalhealthmd on April 16, 2007

When I run into good information, I will let you all know about it. High Blood Pressure is one of the largest problems in the US and the world right now. It affects 90% of Americans at one point or another in their life.

Here is a list of information that will help you fight off high blood pressure without the use of the dangerous drugs:

Learn to Handle Stress to Avoid High Blood Pressure: If your children get overly stressed while playing video games they might have increased chances of developing high blood pressure later in life.

Sunlight Can Lower Your Blood Pressure: Sun worshippers and tanning bed enthusiasts are seeking more than a bronze complexion–they want to experience feelings of euphoria that may, in turn, help to lower their blood pressure.

Electrical Acupuncture Slashes High Blood Pressure: Acupuncture combined with electrical stimulation can lower your blood pressure if you have hypertension.

Do You Have a Good Blood Pressure?: Guidelines on redefining high blood pressure categorize 45 million Americans as needing treatment. Is this some sort of drug company scam? What can you do to normalize your blood pressure without drugs?

U.S. Blood Pressure Rates Rise Dangerously: Almost one-third of Americans have high blood pressure. Have you checked yours lately?

Even Dropping a Few Pounds Good for Blood Pressure: Even modest weight loss can lead to long-term reduction in blood pressure.

Exercise Will Lower Your Blood Pressure: If you or someone you know has high blood pressure, exercise needs to be an essential part of your overall program.

Garlic Fights Deadly Hypertension: Learn the trick behind eating garlic and reap the proven health benefits.

Can Eliminating Meat From Your Diet Lower Your Blood Pressure?: The commonly held belief that a vegetarian diet normalizes blood pressure has some serious flaws. There are better and more effective ways to achieve a normal blood pressure.

Lower Blood Pressure Another Benefit of Folic Acid: It’s already known that women take folic acid to prevent birth defects, but now it is being linked to another benefit–decreasing blood pressure levels.

“White-Coat” Hypertension May Signal Heart Problem: Read how the stress you may feel simply from going to the doctor may have extremely negative effects on your heart.

Placebo Lowers Blood Pressure in Nearly One-Third of Patients: Placebo treatment of high blood pressure is almost as effective as drug treatment.

Vitamins C, E May Lower Blood Pressure: These antioxidants were once again found to provide health benefits, this time by lowering blood pressure.

Arm Position May Alter Blood Pressure Readings: You might want to get your blood pressure reading again after you read this interesting article. Studies suggest that the position of your arm may change your blood pressure reading.

Overweight Patients May Receive Incorrect Blood Pressure Readings: Patients who are obese or overweight may be wrongly diagnosed with high blood pressure if the wrong size arm cuff is used.

Take the Latest Low Sodium Advice With a Grain of Salt: Recommendations say that all Americans should reduce their sodium intake or face an increased risk of hypertension, stroke and heart attack. But should a low-sodium diet really be applied to the general population?

Aerobic Exercise Better to Reduce Blood Pressure: Don’t be fooled into thinking lifting weights or gardening will be sufficient in giving you all the benefits of aerobic exercise.

Government Finally Acknowledges You Can Lower Your Blood Pressure by Change in Diet, Exercise: New government recommendations emphasize that high blood pressure can be prevented through lifestyle modifications such as diet and exercise.

Advil and Aleve May Make Blood Pressure Rise: Over-the-counter pain medication is associated with high blood pressure in women. Further, a large portion of U.S. high blood pressure cases may be due the overuse of such medications.

90% of Americans Headed for High Blood Pressure: Unless lifestyle changes are implemented, most Americans will develop hypertension. Learn what you can do to treat and prevent this common problem.

Blood Pressure Treatment Usually Fails: More than 43 million Americans have high blood pressure (hypertension), but less than one-third of them have achieved targeted levels of blood pressure. Read about more natural options.

75% of High Blood Pressure Untreated in U.S.: Not only do the vast majority of people with high blood pressure problems fail to seek out treatment, but many of them don’t even know their blood pressure is high!

Even Mild Stress Can Raise Blood Pressure: More evidence supporting the belief that the vast majority of heart disease and cancer is foundationally related to unresolved emotional conflict.

Lack of Breastfeeding in Infancy Linked to High Blood Pressure as an Adult: Find out how you can prevent high blood pressure as an adult by moderating an infant’s diet, particularly by breastfeeding.

(Source: mercola)

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Glyconutrient Series Part 2: Why do we need glyconutrients?

Posted by naturalhealthmd on April 14, 2007

In our diet today, the eight essential glyconutrients are often missing. Most diets today contain only two of the eight glucose and galactose. Glucose is supplied from such food sources a wheat, rice, and sugar cane. Glucose and galactose are supplied through the breakdown of lactose from dairy sources.

If we are deficient in the 8 essential sugars, the cells will eventually lack the communication system necessary to maintain good health.

Why are our diets deficient in glyconutrients? The so-called fresh fruits and vegetables we buy today have few glyconutrients (or nutritional value at all) because they are often grown in nutrient-deficient soil, picked before they ripen naturally, gassed, irradiated, artificially ripened, stored for days, weeks, or months, cooked, frozen, canned, processed, refined, pasteurised, genetically engineered, etc. Cooking and processing deplete glyconutrients further.

Glycobiology has also found that beneficial bacteria in the colon breakdown polysaccharides to monosaccharides (glyconutrients). But the bacterial content of modern people is different from our ancestors and so this process is less efficient.

Green harvesting allows long distance transport and allows fruit and vegetables to be stored for lengthy periods, but most of the essential glyconutrients are found only in food that is ripened on the vine/tree and they remain in the fruit or vegetable for only 48 hours after picking.

Consider the tomato:

  • Green harvesting loses up to 25% of its nutrients
  • Transporting loses up to 25% of its remaining nutrients
  • Storage loses up to 50% of its remaining nutrients
  • Canning loses up to 83% of its remaining nutrients
  • Cooking loses up to 50% of its remaining nutrients.

This leaves the tomato with 2.39% of it original nutrient content.

At the same time that our food has been reducing in nutrients, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and chronic degenerative disease have been increasing alarmingly and have been occurring in younger age groups.

A growing mountain of evidence shows that all these diseases are caused by a single dietary deficiency: glyconutrients that are missing from our diet.

A dietary deficiency cannot be corrected with drugs or anything else, other than the missing nutrients.

(source: glyconutrientreference)

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Glyconutrients Series Part 1: What are glyconutrients

Posted by naturalhealthmd on April 13, 2007

Over the course of the next few days, I am going to gather material from very reliable resources in explaining this new buzz in natural health: glyconutrients. These new substances are becoming quite popular and with a good reason. They are incredible. Myself, personally, take glyconutrients and since I have been consuming them, my body feels the positive influences from them. They are amazing and should be well noted. Lets get started….

The most important discovery for your immune system in the last 100 years is something called glyconutrients. Science and medicine have long tried to understand the code by which the cells in the body communicate with one another in order for its complex functions to occur. For example, how does your digestive system know which food components to absorb into the blood stream and which to ignore?  Or which cells to attack and destroy and which to protect and nurture?  That code has now been broken.  This role is undertaken by glyconutrients.  Researchers proclaim it to be the most important discovery in the history of medicine ..the key to a long, healthy life.

What are glyconutrients? Glyconutrients are plant carbohydrates (monosaccharides). There are over 200 carbohydrates or sugars but only 8 are essential to bodily function. These are:

These 8 essential glyconutrients combine with other molecules eg proteins and lipids, to form glycoforms or glycoconjugates which coat cell surfaces. When they combine with protein molecules, they form glycoproteins that coat the surface of every cell with a nucleus in the human body. When glyconutrients bind with lipids (fats) they form glycolipids which also adhere to the cell surface. 

Glyconutrients are the key to effective cellular communication and proper cell function. This has been established by the world’s leading scientists and researchers.

Glyconutrients are not vitamins, minerals, amino acids or enzymes, but are in a class of their own as nutritional supplements derived from plants. Glyconutritional supplements are formulated based on new understanding in the biochemistry of how the human body maintains health at the cellular level. Healthy cells lead to healthy tissue – healthy tissue leads to healthy organs – and healthy organs lead to healthy bodies.

Every cell in our body – all 600 trillion of them – needs glyconutrients.

Despite the relatively recent discovery of glyconutrients and their functions, medical doctors and the general public are becoming increasingly aware of their importance in treating underlying causes of disease and in maintaining good health. As good as allopathic medicine is, it simply has NO answer to the increasing incidence of auto-immune diseases, cancers and degenerative diseases in Western societies.  Glyconutrients will soon become a part of standard care by medical practitioners for all auto-immune diseases, cancers, and degenerative diseases.  A glyconutritional approach gets at the root cause rather than treating only the symptoms.

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Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs): The Good Fat

Posted by naturalhealthmd on April 11, 2007

If you’ve read the article I posted on Coconut Oil, you can see the benefits of this oil. Coconut oil is made up of medium chain triglycerides; which are a great fat.

They can promote the increase in metabolism, which can lead to weight loss. MCT’s are sent directly to the liver, where they are converted to energy and not stored as fat. MCT’s are a great oil that can improve your body’s overall function.

To know exactly what it does: here is the mechanism of action

The physiology and biochemistry of medium-chain triglycerides are very different from those of long-chain triglycerides. MCT is rapidly absorbed from the small intestine, intact or following hydrolysis, into the portal circulation. From there, it is transported to the liver. Long-chain triglycerides are first hydrolyzed in the small intestine to long-chain fatty acids. They are in turn re-esterified in the mucosal cells of the small intestine to long-chain triglyerides, which are then carried by chylomicrons and transported via the lymphatic system to the systemic circulation. The systemic circulation in turn distributes the long-chain triglycerides to various tissues of the body, including adipose tissue and the liver.

Since MCT, in contrast with long-chain fatty acids, does not require pancreatic enzymes or bile salts for digestion and absorption, MCT is better handled in those with malabsorption syndromes than are the long-chain fatty acids. These syndromes include pancreatic disorders, hepatic disorders, gastrointestinal disorders and disorders of the lymph system.

Medium-chain fatty acids are taken up by hepatocytes and converted to medium-chain fatty acyl CoA which enters mitochondria without requiring the aid of carnitine. On the other hand, long-chain fatty acids, which are also converted to their coenzyme A esters in cells, including hepatocytes, require that they be converted from coenzyme A esters to carnitine esters in order to be transported across the mitochondrial membrane. Within the hepatocyte mitochondria, medium-chain fatty acyl CoA is converted to acetoacetate and beta-hydroxybutyrate and subsequently to carbon dioxide, water and energy. The oxidation of MCT produces 8.3 kilocalories of energy per gram ingested.

MCTs are therefore easier to metabolize, which could be advantageous to those who are critically ill and those with carnitine deficiencies.

MCT is ketogenic. The metabolism of MCT in hepatocytes produces two so-called ketone bodies, acetoacetate and beta-hydroxybutyrate. These ketone bodies are carried by the bloodstream to other tissues of the body, where they are used for energy production, as well as for other biochemical processes. It is believed that ketosis may raise the seizure threshold and reduce seizure severity. This is still hypothetical but is the rationale for the use of ketogenic diets in the treatment of seizure disorders.(Source:pdrhealth)

Main Theme: EAT YOUR MEDIUM CHAIN FATTY ACIDS. You can get them in

-Coconut Oil
-Milk Fat
– Palm Oil


Medium-chain triglycerides were first used in the mid-1900s to reduce seizures with the help of the ketogenic diet. In the 1980s, MCTs became popular in sports as a substitute for normal dietary fats or oils. They quickly became a favorite energy source for many athletes, such as marathon runners, who participate in endurance sports. These athletes require a quick source of energy, which is readily supplied by carbohydrates. However, diets high in carbohydrates may cause rapid increase in insulin production, resulting in substantial weight gain, diabetes, and other health problems. Dietary fats or oils are not a readily available source of energy. In addition, they are believed to make the body fatter. MCT is also a form of fat; therefore, it is high in calories. Yet, unlike normal fats and oils, MCTs do not cause weight gain because they stimulate thermogenesis (the process in which the body generates energy, or heat, by increasing its normal metabolic, fat-burning rate). A thermogenic diet, which is high in medium-chain triglycerides, has been proposed as a type of weight loss regime. (Source:answers)

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Stuy Proves That Drug Companies Can Make Natural Products Into Drugs

Posted by naturalhealthmd on March 22, 2007

LA JOLLA, Calif., March 21 (UPI) — U.S. scientists have developed new techniques to reduce the time, complexity and cost of synthesizing natural products having pharmaceutical potential.

The scientists at The Scripps Research Institute said their work dislodges previously entrenched beliefs in the organic chemistry field about how such products must be produced. They said their findings might advance and expand the use of natural products in drug discovery programs.

“There is this far-ranging and damaging perception that natural products are too complex to be used in a drug discovery setting despite their overwhelming track record in medicine,” said project leader Phil Baran, a SRI chemist. “I think if our work has helped in even a small way to revive the use of natural products, then we’ve served our purpose.”

The research by Baran and graduate students Thomas Maimone and Jeremy Richter appears in the journal Nature.


My Comment:

This is a little on the dangerous side We all know that the studies that “so called” said vitamins were deadly when taking them as a supplement, were using synthetic ( man made) vitamins. Indeed, taking synthetic natural products is not a good thing for a few reasons. Now, this new study is letting everyone know that everything will be ok….and in the future it might be easy to make synthetic natural products easier.

It is best to take natural products in their natural state; one of the main reasons is because in any natural product ( created by God), there are thousands and thousands of substances that are in them that we as humans have yet to find. These thousands of compounds might be needed to fully allow the natural product to work to its full potential. Anytime we create a natural product, these thousands of substances are left out.

THEME: Continue to take natural products in their natural state. This will allow for the best use of the product.

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Fasting: Everything You Need To Know

Posted by naturalhealthmd on March 19, 2007

One of the oldest methods of alternative medicine to date is the act of fasting. Fasting is the intentionally avoidance of food for a certain length of time, and I’m not talking about avoiding food from one meal to the next. Many religions include fasting as a part way to improve health both physically and spiritually. I can personally say, this does hold true.

Many of our body’s organs are never able to take a rest by simply sleeping each night. Our stomach, liver, and intestines are some to name a few. When we enter a fast, these parts of our bodies get a rest and are able to rejuvenate themselves to improve their overall healthy state.
Below are some fasting benefits

-Stop toxins from entering the body
– Allow toxins to be removed
– Rest and health our internal organs
– Immune system is able to rejuvenate and improve
-Burn much of our bodies stored sugar ( first day)
– Overall improved HealthAs noted above, it is very important to place a fast in our lives. But how long should we fast?


Here is a simple note: the healthier one is the longer they can fast. Fasting as much as 1 time per week to the more feasible 2 days per season cycle and everything in between is all recommended. It truly depends upon the fasting.

The most popular fast is the water fast. This is where one consumes only water during the fast. It is recommended that one consume around 100 ounces of water during this one day fast.

Other fasts include:
Juice Fast ( consume only juice from vegetables, and fruit.)


It is recommended to gradually stop food intake and not try it cold turkey. This is especially true if one has never fasted before as our bodies may go through a shock. Try easily digested foods ( i.e soup, fruit, veggies, tea) the day before the fast. 

To end the fast, do just the opposite. The first day back from the fast, consume the light foods first and then move to the regular foods.


I would recommend a spring fast with just water. This will allow your body to remove the toxins that we have all gained from the winter times. As we all know the winter can be a very sick time for many of us.

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The Real Reason The FDA Doesn’t Regulate Alternative Medicine

Posted by naturalhealthmd on March 15, 2007


To many Americans, the FDA is the “good guys” when it comes to regulating medicine and helping us figure out what is good to put into our bodies and what is not. However, over the years, the FDA has acted more and more of a business instead of a part of the government. The FDA ( Food and Drug Administration) is more often concerned with keeping their clients happy, the drug companies, instead of the health of Americans.

According to the JAMA ( Journal of American Medical Association), drug reactions are the fourth leading cause of death. Being very committed to Natural Health, I do think there are times when drugs are needed. If someone has been in a bad car accident and needs immediate surgey, I do not think that a high dose of vitamin C is going to get the job done. However, all drugs do come with a side effect; it’s a matter of weighing the options when it comes to taking the drug.

With drug’s being such a large part of the death in America, there seems to be a bit of conern as to if the FDA is doing their job correctly. Of course, it is not hard to understand why their are drugs becoming “FDA Approved” almost daily when drug companies spent $17 million to federal election campaigns. Not to mention the 40 congressman that are lobbyist for the drug companies.  With this little information, it’s not hard to see why so many drugs ( and so many side effects) are being released with that FDA stamp of approval.

 But what about alternative medicine? Why will the FDA not regulate or consider regulating alternative medicine? This question is not really a difficult one to answer when one considers the consequences that would occur if the FDA ever regulated alternative medicine.

There are many Americans that believe FDA is the police when it comes to drugs and what can help someone with a certain disease. Whatever the FDA regulates must be safe: this is the attitude they adhere to. These people would’t dare touch anything that the FDA doesnt regulate; this includes alternative medicine. In my opinion, the FDA realizes that federal funding from the drug companeis ( Millions of dollarss) would be reduced and the alternative medicine industry would not pick up the slack. The FDA would never sacrafice funding from this outlet; even if this means they will not regulate alternative medicine.

If the FDA doesn’t regulate alternative medicine, this allows the government ( or anyone) to always claim that the qualitiy of alternative medicine can never fully be trusted. This is true to an extent. There are several companies that sell low-quality products to many people and basically take their money. I have written an article about this; you can check it out under the alternative medicine category. While this may be true, there are several “great” quality companies that offer excellent products. As long as the FDA doesnt regulate alternative medicine, no one can claim that alternative medicine is fully safe.

Drug companies don’t want people to ever fully heal. They see people as customers; the job of a business is to keep as many customers as possible. It’s safe to say that people are the drug companies clients. As long as we are sick, we are helping drug companies make money. This is the whole idea of business: to make money.

Alternative medicine on the other hand, seeks to heal the whole person. To make that person disease free and to allow a person to fully heal from a disease and live life with enjoyment naturally.

If the FDA ever regulated and approved of alternative medicine, most of America ( and the world) would seek alternative medicine before drugs, due to the side effects associated with drugs. Alternative medicine comes with little to no side effects and is therefore more safe than drugs. This would, again, cut down on funding from the drug companies to the FDA and would mean that the FDA would lose money; something they are not willing to do. Remember, everything is about the money.

The FDA will never regulate alternative medicine, unless one day it feels threatened by the great results that come with alternative medicine. Alternative medicine is a great way to heal your body naturally and without side effects. You hardly hear of someone dieing from an herb or natural remedey; and trust me, the government would expose that quickly.

The FDA doesn’t need to regulate alternative medicine; if it did, alterative medicine would suffer. Even an FDA head man, Dr. David Graham has admitted to the FDA and it’s dishonest. If they started regulating alternative medicine, this dishonesty would increase.

The FDA has a good idea and needs to be regulating drugs ( probably needs to improve it’s quality), however, it doesnt and can’t afford to regulate alternative medicine. Afterall, if everyone started to realize that acid reflux,arthritis, CFS, CANCER, diabetes, Obesity and all other diseases could be cured with alternative medicine, there wouldn’t be a need for drug companies. However, this day is far from becoming reality.

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Posted by naturalhealthmd on March 14, 2007

In today’s society, it is almost impossible to get the correct nourishment from vitamins, minerals, herbals and others from our food intake alone. Many, (if not all) have to consume daily supplements to ensure our bodies are getting all it needs to continue working properly and disease free. As the natural health industry continues to increase in popularity, the amount of products that are ineffective will continue to increase. Several companies would rather see that you buy their product, instead of making sure that you are getting what is said to be in the bottle of “pills”.So how can we get the best possible products for ourselves? There is a simple way to choose the best possible product for our bodies; from daily multivitamins to disease specific remedies. Below is an outline of what to look for when choosing your next natural health supplement. 

Choose Whole food rather than multivitamin 

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is buying a multivitamin made of synthetic (synthetic- human made) vitamins, and minerals that our bodies can not fully absorb. When humans create vitamins and minerals, our bodies recognize this as being “false” and doesn’t absorb much of the vitamin. Have you ever wandered why urine is so yellow after consuming a multivitamin? It’s the result of our bodies excreting the excess vitamins, and minerals that it did not absorb.The best way to ensure your body will absorb the most it can is to consume a “whole food” multivitamin. This means, anytime a product contains natural foods, herbs and other natural resources, they are the best bet. For example, broccoli contains high amounts of vitamin K. It’s better to take a supplement that contains broccoli instead of taking a supplement that just contains vitamin K. ·        Always choose whole food supplements over synthetic vitamins. 


Avoid fillers, binders and other synthetic materials 

            It is sad to say this, but over 80% of all natural health companies place fillers and binders in their supplements. Fillers are what companies place in the capsule (or whatever tablet used) to fill the remaining space that the actual product doesn’t fill. For example, if a 500mg capsule contains only 400mg of the actual product, they will place 100mg of a filler substance to make up the 500mg.             The filler substances are synthetic and can be harmful to our bodies. Some of the fillers used are partially hydrogenated soybean oil, which can cause cancer. Although this concern is not as great as avoiding synthetic vitamins, it is best to use products that avoid fillers, binders and artificial ingredients. If a product doesn’t contain fillers, they usually will place that on the label as this sets them apart from most natural health companies.  




The Big Deal About Enteric Coating 

            A supplement that has enteric coating is a supplement that has a coat that allows the tablet to avoid being dissolved in the stomach and passes to the intestine (small). This is where the majority of vitamins and minerals are absorbed. While this has brought great attention, I am not too concerned with this for a few reasons. If consuming a whole food supplement as stated, your stomach will need to digest some of this food and this will allow proper passing of vitamins and minerals. Also, if one is consuming a natural supplement for a disease like acid reflux, an enteric coating will almost take away from the meaning of the supplement. I would not concern myself with enteric coating unless it is a personal preference. Upon saying this, I do recommend enteric coating for certain vitamins and minerals; however it’s not a great concern. 

One Final Note                        I do believe that choosing the right natural supplement is one of the most important decisions that one will make in an effort to choose a more natural approach on health. This is why I am personally willing to help. Before you choose to purchase a natural supplement, you can contact me or ask to see if the company is reliable and meets the standards that I call “up to par”. I will evaluate each company that one wants me to and eventually I will contain a list of companies that I call acceptable.  



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