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Fasting: Everything You Need To Know

Posted by naturalhealthmd on March 19, 2007

One of the oldest methods of alternative medicine to date is the act of fasting. Fasting is the intentionally avoidance of food for a certain length of time, and I’m not talking about avoiding food from one meal to the next. Many religions include fasting as a part way to improve health both physically and spiritually. I can personally say, this does hold true.

Many of our body’s organs are never able to take a rest by simply sleeping each night. Our stomach, liver, and intestines are some to name a few. When we enter a fast, these parts of our bodies get a rest and are able to rejuvenate themselves to improve their overall healthy state.
Below are some fasting benefits

-Stop toxins from entering the body
– Allow toxins to be removed
– Rest and health our internal organs
– Immune system is able to rejuvenate and improve
-Burn much of our bodies stored sugar ( first day)
– Overall improved HealthAs noted above, it is very important to place a fast in our lives. But how long should we fast?


Here is a simple note: the healthier one is the longer they can fast. Fasting as much as 1 time per week to the more feasible 2 days per season cycle and everything in between is all recommended. It truly depends upon the fasting.

The most popular fast is the water fast. This is where one consumes only water during the fast. It is recommended that one consume around 100 ounces of water during this one day fast.

Other fasts include:
Juice Fast ( consume only juice from vegetables, and fruit.)


It is recommended to gradually stop food intake and not try it cold turkey. This is especially true if one has never fasted before as our bodies may go through a shock. Try easily digested foods ( i.e soup, fruit, veggies, tea) the day before the fast. 

To end the fast, do just the opposite. The first day back from the fast, consume the light foods first and then move to the regular foods.


I would recommend a spring fast with just water. This will allow your body to remove the toxins that we have all gained from the winter times. As we all know the winter can be a very sick time for many of us.


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