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Milk Thistle: The Liver Miracle

Posted by naturalhealthmd on March 16, 2007

Starting today, Natural Health M.D is going to cover different herbs that are considered to be vital to everyday life.

The liver is a part of the body to which everyone takes for granted. The liver has more functions than most parts of the human body. If the liver is ever in bad health, our entire body will suffer. Some of the functions of the liver include:

-create glucose
– breakdown glucose
-breakdown alcohol
-breakdown toxic substances including certain drugs
-breakdown insulin and other hormones
-protein metabolism

Simply put: if the liver function decreases, our entire body will begin to suffer. One of the biggest concerns that we should have is to make certain that our liver is in the best condition possible.

Milk Thistle, an herb from Europe and Africa, produces the best results with improving liver function and health condition as a whole. Milk Thistle allows the liver cells to reproduce and also detoxifies the liver. In common terms, the liver filters the body and milk thistle filters the liver.

If you are one that consumes alcohol, the benefits of milk thistle should be highly noted. More than 2-3 drinks per day of alcohol damages the liver and can cause liver disease later in life. Milk Thistle should be a part of anyones alternative medicine choices if alcohol is consumed.

The greatest thing about milk thistle: there are no side effects. However, if someone is an HIV patient, they should avoid milk thistle. This is because of the protease inhibitors that are taken as medication with HIV/AIDS patients. Silymarin, the main chemical in milk thistle reduces the drug effects of the protease inhibitors.

Any thoughts can be added to milk thistle; including personal testimonies.


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