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Mercury Part 2

Posted by naturalhealthmd on April 23, 2007

Breaking News about Mercury Amalgam Fillings and Chronic Mercury Poisoning – Page 2

Mercury Emissions: Poisoning our Air, Water, Soil, and Food

We know that high amounts of mercury are found in the fossil fuels; oil, gas and coal. But the problem isn’t that mercury is found in fossil fuels but that it is released into the atmosphere when it is burned. Mercury is the only toxic heavy metal that is a liquid at room temperature and vaporizes as the temperature increases. Once in the air it can be moved over vast distances by air currents. 

The Importance of Reducing Mercury Emissions

Mercury is one of the most poisonous substances on our planet, much more poisonous than arsenic, lead, or cadmium. Living downwind from any facility that releases mercury into the air will expose you in many ways. First, you can inhale it from the polluted air. Second, airborne mercury will eventually find its way into the soil, rivers, lakes, and groundwater. Of course, the concentrations will be greatest in the area closest to power plants burning fossil fuel. Once the airborne mercury has returned to earth, microorganisms in the soil and water readily convert it to its most toxic form, organic mercury (commonly known as methylmercury). Once this poisonous form of mercury enters the food chain, it can be ingested and readily assimilated into the body from the intestine. Regardless of how mercury enters the body mercury, it will cause harm in extraordinarily small amounts. Mercury poisons everyone, but is especially toxic to the fetus, nursing baby, and young child.  

Mercury Emissions and Silver Amalgam Dental Fillings

There is no doubt that it is critically important to our health to eliminate any toxic substance that enters our environment, but there is absolutely no excuse for our government not to protect us from a substance as poisonous as mercury. Not only can mercury from power plant emissions enter and accumulate in the body, but mercury from the environment and food is not our only source of exposure. 

Environmental mercury, as serious a health hazard as it is, pales in comparison with the daily amount of mercury people with silver amalgam fillings receive. For those with these toxic amalgam dental fillings any additional exposure to mercury increases the risk to their health. This is even more important for a pregnant or nursing mother. 


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