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Looking For a Great Web Hosting Company

Posted by naturalhealthmd on April 15, 2007

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Congress To Update School Law On School Foods Including Vending Machines

Posted by naturalhealthmd on April 10, 2007

A bill has been introduced into the Senate by Tom Harkin of Iowa and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska that would close loopholes in federal regulations for the sale of food on school grounds. The law would update the regulations to meet current nutrition science and apply them to vending machines for the first time.

• The Child Nutrition Promotion and School Lunch Protection Act would update the definition of “minimal nutritional value,” the standard that foods must meet to be sold on school campuses. The definition has not been updated since 1979.

• The bill would apply the same standard to foods sold anywhere on school grounds. Current regulations only apply to foods sold in school cafeterias.

• According to the Government Accountability Office, 83 percent of elementary schools, 97 percent of middle schools, and 99 percent of high schools have vending machines, snack bars or school stores. The most commonly purchased items from these non-cafeteria sources are sugary drinks, salty snacks, fatty baked goods, and candy.

• The Harkin-Murkowski bill has been endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, The American Diabetes Association, the American Dietetic Association, the American Heart Association, the American Medical Association, and the School Nutrition Association.

• An identical bill is expected to be introduced into the House of Representatives.

• Quote: “School breakfast and lunch programs adhere to strong guidelines, but as soon as students leave the cafeteria, they are inundated with the over-promotion of junk food in vending machines and snack bars. This undercuts our investment in school meal programs and steers kids toward a future of obesity and diet-related disease. We must update nutritional guidelines across the board.” – Tom Harkin

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About Natural Health MD

Posted by naturalhealthmd on March 13, 2007

Natural Health MD is designed, edited and updated by me, Shaun Roberts. With many years in the natural health industry, I thought I would share a vast amount of knowledge, research, interviews that I ( and others) gain almost on a daily basis.

As a first time blogger, we will experience this new adventure together as we learn, laugh, love and enjoy everyone that comes along board with us. Natural Health MD is not about me, its about you. Its about allowing you to gain complete control over your health and to be independent of the up held Medical Doctors. Well, of course they do have great respect for me: they went through 4 years of medical school plus any specialty they have and then the residency; that is quite an accomplishement. But from time to time, it takes more than a MD to get the answers we need. It takes more than a surgery to produce optimum results.
This is where you can come to get that little extra “Natural Health” MD information to boost your life to the next level. To boost your health to the next level and to make you in control of your own life.
So please…sit back, relax and enjoy the show; Natural Health MD will save you time, money, insurance premiums, and even years of life. May the Natural Health MD begin its practice!

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